Crypto Starting Guide

If you are new to playing games in an online crypto casino we have created a guide designed to help you through the easy process of getting started in the cryptocurrency gaming world. Here you can learn step by step how to start gambling by using bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. If you’re just getting started with Bitcoin casinos, you’re in the right place!

How to buy Cryptocurrency – Exchanges and Wallets

First things first, before playing casino games in this environment, you will need to buy the currency. Fortunately, this is not a complicated process and can be completed within a few minutes. You can simply purchase Bitcoin at a crypto exchange with your Dollars or Euros. In many instances, you can link your bank account to the exchange to complete the transaction or use your credit card to buy the credits.

Picking the most suitable Exchange

To transfer your fiat currency into Bitcoins, there are 5 top exchanges that we’ll discuss. While there are many more on the market, these platforms consistently perform well: Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Kraken.

Top exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken do provide the IRS and other tax institutions information on your trades, according to regulation, so be sure to include your trades and investments on your returns. The offers and deals available at these five exchanges are competitive. You can do more research on their websites to find the one that will suit you best.

Buying Bitcoins from an exchange

Most Bitcoin exchanges follow the same easy protocols for trading on their platforms. Some may have unique tools and steps, but there is usually a generic process to get started:

Create a free account on the platform: This will entail you filling in a form submission with a few of your particulars. One of the most important parts of creating your account is the creation of a strong password. The longer the password and the more symbols, numbers, cases, and letters used, the more secure it will be.
Verify the Account: You will need to verify your account for security purposes by clicking on a link that will be sent to the email address that you provided at registration. Once this is done, will you be able to sign-in and trade freely.
Proceed to Purchase: Select the option to buy currency from the exchange menu. It will then give you the option to choose your currency of choice. Once you have chosen Bitcoin, it will give you the option to either choose how much you would like to buy in (BTC) or how much you would like to spend (Euros/Dollars).
Choose a Payment Method: Once you have selected an amount you wish to buy you will need to choose a payment method that suits you best.
Credit Card: This is the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin. Simply enter your card details, verify the payment with your CVV number at the back of your card, and the transaction will conclude within 5 to 30 minutes.
Bank Transfer: This method is a little more involved. The exchange will provide you with specific banking details to complete the payment from your online banking profile. Be sure to copy the Bank Deposit Message reference number into the payment reference section. This will automatically link your payment to the exchange profile you created.

Trade Order: Once your trade account has been topped up with your deposit, some of the exchanges will require you to carry out a trade order to convert the currency to Bitcoin. Go to the ‘Markets’ or ‘Buy’ menu, select to make an ‘instant order,’ and enter the amount you want to convert to Bitcoin. Before you verify the transaction, you will receive a breakdown of the trade and an approximate trade value. If you are happy, you can accept the trade.

Please note that there is a small fee charged on all transactions of this nature, which vary in value from platform to platform. Once the transaction is completed, your account balance should reflect your Bitcoins within minutes.

Selecting the best crypto Wallet

Now that you have bought your Bitcoin, you need to make it more useful. The easiest way to make your deposits at a casino would be from a dedicated crypto wallet. Exchanges such as Coinbase will allow you to run a local software wallet on their platform, which is often the ‘go-to’ choice for gamblers.

For ease of use, you can opt to manage your Bitcoin conveniently from your mobile device. Thankfully, there are some tremendous crypto-wallets available for both Android and iOS devices, which will make your gameplay more seamless.

Download one of the following mobile software wallet apps for the best experience available, register your details and verify the account via email or mobile phone.

BRD Wallet: Previously known as Bread Wallet, it is the most popular bitcoin wallet for mobile phones. It is a standalone wallet backed by intense security protocols that are un-hackable. Its user-friendly nature makes it the top choice for beginners in the industry.
Edge Wallet: This brand comes with many of the perks provided by BRD, but with the added advantage of being able to trade in cryptocurrency via the wallet itself.
Mycelium: Available exclusively for Android, Mycelium is the best Android-specific wallet. It provides a versatile platform that integrates perfectly with many other third-party payment services.
Jaxx: Available across device platforms, Jaxx can be found in the iStore or Google Play Store for your convenience. It is a top-rated wallet that is commonly reviewed well by users in the industry.

Top Tip: Always opt for two-factor authentication to keep your wallet secured. An authentication code will be sent to your phone each time you release a payment. Simply input the code and the funds will be released.

There are many other ways to manage and store Bitcoins safely, including on cold-storage devices, however, these solutions are usually best for investors. The way in which software wallets work perfectly suits the needs of casino goers.

Funding Your Bitcoin Wallet

To fund your newly registered Bitcoin wallet is simple and straightforward.

Copy the Bitcoin address from your Bitcoin wallet to your clipboard. This is a long hash code that can be found on the ‘Receive BTC’ tab in the Wallet menu.
Sign-in to your trade profile on your hosted Bitcoin exchange and request to withdraw your cryptocurrency.
Paste your Bitcoin Wallet address into the ‘Send to’ section and release the payment.
The funds will reflect speedily (often within 30 minutes).

Lightning! Transactions on the blockchain are usually super-fast. While the exchange you are trading with might quote a longer ETA on your funds, the currency often reflects far quicker than anticipated.

If you are releasing the funds from a desktop software account to a mobile wallet, then paste the wallet address into an email and send it to your desktop. Copy the address there and paste it in the relevant window on your hosted trade exchange profile.

Your first Crypto Deposit on BrandXXX

Once you have found the ideal Bitcoin site, and have registered an account there, all that is needed to start playing is to make a suitable BTC deposit. This can be accomplished in a few easy steps:

Head to your casino account and go to the ‘Deposit Tab’. The casino will present you with a blockchain address that is unique to your player account. Copy this address to your clipboard for easy access later.
Proceed to your Bitcoin Wallet and choose to make a transfer. In the ‘Send To’ tab, paste your casino address code and press ‘send’.
The cryptocurrency will be transferred in real-time.

Once the funds reflect in your casino account, you can start playing all the exciting casino games that you want.

Making Your First Bitcoin Casino Withdrawal at BrandXXX

Of course, you play to win! You can withdraw your winnings back to your Bitcoin Wallet anytime you choose. The process is similar to that of making a deposit:

Head to your Bitcoin Wallet and go to the ‘receive money’ tab. Copy your unique Bitcoin address to the clipboard for easy access later.
Select to withdraw your winning at the casino cashier’s page. You can simply paste your wallet’s address into the Bitcoin address field and request the payout.

Important! Once a payment is made, it is permanent, so you must make sure that all the details are correct before making deposits or withdrawals.

One of the biggest perks of playing at Bitcoin casinos is the speed at which your withdrawals are paid out. The funds should reflect in your wallet within 5 mins but it can take up to 24 hours.

If you would like to exchange your Bitcoins for cash rewards, this can be done conveniently through the exchange.

Fund your trade account by copying its address into your wallet’s ‘send to’ field.
Once the funds are reflecting, you can opt to sell the currency on the platform for Dollars or Euros.

By this time, your credit card or bank account should be conveniently linked to your trade account, so you can make the payout to one of those accounts to access the funds.

Playing casino games with Cryptos can be very beneficial, especially considering the variety of Bitcoin bonuses BrandXXx offers to new and existing players who decide to try out Crypto gambling at BrandXXX site. If you are more into sports betting, please check out our Crypto betting section.